Learning & Development

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 

Cranhill Development Trust offers a range of ESOL opportunities to suit the diverse needs and abilities of newcomers to the city who want to improve their English. These classes take place online, in the community, and at our centre in Cranhill.  
Our classes are suitable for a range of English-language levels and learning styles, from social or conversational classes, to more formal classes taught by tutors from Glasgow Kelvin College.

English for Speakers of Other Languages Classes:

  • Wednesday, 9.30 – 11.30: Kelvin College (Beginner/Elementary)

  • Wednesday, 12.30 – 14.30: Kelvin College (Intermediate+)

  • Thursday, 9.45 – 11.45: Online Conversation Class (All levels)

  • Friday, 10.00 – 11.00: Online Social English Group (All Levels)

  • Friday, 13.00 – 15.00: In-person ESOL Conversation Group (All levels)

Our ESOL classes are free, and open to people in Cranhill, across the east of the city and beyond. To register your interest please click here or email scott@cranhilldt.org.uk with ESOL referrals and for more information.

One Day and Short Term Courses

The Trust have ongoing training opportunities including one day and short-term courses, supported by Glasgow Kelvin College. To view our upcoming courses, view our Upcoming Events

Alcohol Licencing 

Learn the legal standards for the sale of alcohol, useful especially for employment in retail and hospitality.

Food Hygiene 

Get to know the standards that need to be met to prepare and serve food in a way that is safe for consumers and in line with best practices. Useful for anyone looking to enter the food or service industries.

Health & Safety 

Improve your awareness of how to avoid danger and accidents in the workplace and beyond. Health & Safety is a relevant qualification to any workplace and will help you to avoid accidents for you and those around you.

First Aid

Learn life saving First Aid skills, supported by a qualified trainer in a friendly environment, and gain the confidence to help someone in an emergency.

Manual Handling

Learn the techniques that will help you to lift, handle and move items in a safe and efficient way.

Customer Care 

Learn how best to communicate with and serve customers in this course which will prepare you for any customer-facing role, be it in retail, the service industry, or volunteering.

For more information on any of our learning and development courses please call 01417743344 or email nikki@cranhilldt.org.uk 

Check out our Programme of Events for upcoming courses and learning opportunities.

Growing and Cooking Skills

Gardens and green spaces are associated with improved mental and physical health and wellbeing. Gardening and growing food reduces social isolation, increases self-esteem and builds friendships and networks across the community. Building cooking skills increases confidence and provides the tools and knowledge to reduce household food costs and also food waste.

Whether you wish to broaden your cooking skills, learn new recipes or socialise in a relaxed informal environment, our sessions provide something for everyone and at every skill level.

Heres how to get involved:

Cranhill Cooks

We deliver blocks of cooking workshops throughout the year. Recent blocks have included our slow cooker club and soup club, adapted to cook-along at home.  

Ready Set Grow 

 A 6-week integrated programme where families grow, cook and eat together. Explore the connections between growing our own food, preparing and eating it. Learn new skills and try new foods with other families, and join us on a few outdoor trips. 

Social Cooking Club 

 A weekly cooking club where we come together to cook, eat and socialise. Learn new skills, try new recipes, and make new friends in a relaxed, social environment. To sign up for our social cooking club please fill out the form here.