About CDT

Cranhill Development Trust is an integral part of its community, responding successfully to the complex needs of Cranhill since 2002. The Trust started with one member of staff and has grown to be a vibrant hub in Cranhill supporting around 3,000 people annually. A key to the success of the Trust has been its ability to adapt services and activities to meet the changing and diverse needs of people living there.

CDT’s primary charitable aims are to promote resilience, tackle poverty and address social exclusion through a holistic range of programmes, opportunities, and events. Our programme includes Employability and Welfare support, Health and Wellbeing activities including our popular holiday programme and community gardening sessions, and Learning and Development that provides ESOL provision, certificated courses and volunteer opportunities. Through these activities we are helping to create an inclusive, healthier, and happier community in Cranhill.

The Trust has continued to evolve and seek out new opportunities to encourage, support and enable the local community to become active citizens, empowered to have a voice and involvement in the decision making process for services in the community.

CDT is a community anchor organisation, working with local people and partners towards a vibrant, thriving community. We believe in a person-centred approach to empower and inspire those living locally and those supporting Cranhill. CDT’s work is underpinned by a volunteering strategy which actively contributes to the regeneration of Cranhill.