Future Plans

Cranhill will be a place that is diverse, open, progressive, resilient, and welcoming, where people are connected, engaged and safe.

Cranhill Development Trust first opened its doors to local people in 2002 with just one member of staff, since then the Trust has grown to be a vibrant hub in Cranhill supporting around 1,400 people annually.

The Trust has an over-arching place-based objective to meet the needs of people in this specific geographical area. We have done this by responding to the complex needs of Cranhill with new and evolving services. Securing ownership of the building will allow us to continue and enhance that.

The building is currently owned by the Church of Scotland, however, the Trust is in the process of purchasing the building on behalf of the local community. Once the purchase has concluded the challenge to secure significant funding to transform the building and grounds begins.  The Trust continues to consult with local people to ensure the space delivers what they have identified as their priorities.

So far, two detailed options have been developed by a technical team led by McGinlay Bell Ltd.  The preferred design is set out below.  Besides more efficient use of space, the shop and Post Office have been embedded into the building itself rather than being an attached portable cabin.

There is a new, more welcoming entrance which has always been an issue in the current space which is a small hard to access entrance with limited natural light.  The environment will be considered at each stage of the design and construction including solar panels on the south facing roof, insulation, windows and heating system.