Spring Programme

Our fantastic family programme is delivered over the mid-term holiday breaks. A programme and poster with details is updated and available for each term giving details of times and location of each session. 

The session are usually three days per week 10am-3pm.

The holidays programmes are parent led with consultation and engagement from the local families to plan and coordinate the running of the programme. 

We use creative and fun ways of engaging with the families, including health and well-bring workshops, clay modelling, baby music classes, arts and crafts and various other workshops all in which parents and children are encouraged to work and learn together. 

Also, families get the opportunity to go an outdoor trip each term. Which can be a great opportunity spending time together as a large group. We have lots of great feedback from our previous family programme.

All sessions include a nutritious and healthy breakfast, lunch and with healthy snacks and fruit provided for all whom attended the programme. 

These sessions are well attended, and our families love getting involved with the planning of the programming too. 

We value the input and consultation of the families who attend to make it the best families programme we can!  


If you would like to attend or any further information on any our holiday programmes, please contact us call us on 041 774 3344


We run sessions- 

  • February mid-term break over 3 days 10am-3pm
  • Spring Break 6 days (3 days per week) 
  • Summe Holidays 18 days (3days per week)
  • October Break 3 days over the week 10am-3pm