Integration Network

East Glasgow Integration Network

Cranhill Development Trust also hosts and chairs the East Glasgow Integration Network; one of the many regional integration networks for Glasgow. The area of interest for CDT includes the G31, G32, G33, G34, G40, and G69.

The aim of the integration network is to research, highlight, and address the needs of asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants from other backgrounds by including them in decision making and working with partners to ensure there is an efficient, well-communicated, and asset-based approach to supporting newcomers to the country to help them integrate with the community without losing their own distinct voice. This can be broken down in to various different kinds of work:


The East Glasgow Integration Network consists of over 50 partner organisations of all sizes and over 70 individual contacts. This allows for a wide network of information sharing, partnership work, and innovation in services for newcomers in the East of Glasgow.

Network Updates

CDT sends out regular update emails to all partners with news updates, funding opportunities, training opportunities and more.


There are many serious issues faced by asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants from other backgrounds once they have started making their life in Glasgow. The East Glasgow Integration Network works to highlight issues and injustices where necessary and offer solutions to problems where available. This has included becoming a part of the Lift the Ban coalition to allow asylum seekers to seek employment in Scotland, campaigns to safeguard asylum seekers from eviction and unsuitable housing conditions, and much more.

Beyond CDT activities, the East Glasgow Integration Network also works with network partners to best organise and coordinate ESOL activities across the East of Glasgow as a whole to avoid duplication wherever possible.

If you would like to join the East Glasgow Integration Network please email