Case Work

Newcomers to the UK often struggle to navigate the many rights, entitlements, challenges, and restrictions they face upon arrival in Glasgow. The Trust is happy to offer dedicated case work services to people who face issues they do not know how to resolve, and will do so either using CDT knowledge and services, or by signposting to the many contacts and partner organisations within East Glasgow Integration Network.

East Glasgow Integration Network

The East Glasgow Integration Network is a collection of organisations and individuals with experience of the UK asylum system and a desire to support the needs and interests of New Scots in Cranhill and beyond. The network is coordinated by Cranhill Development Trust, which prepares updates for partners, training opportunities, and helps to facilitate partnership work and events in the east of Glasgow.

The network works to advocate for fair and equal rights for New Scots. Cranhill Development Trust chairs bi-monthly meetings of the East Glasgow Integration Network in venues around the East of Glasgow. Attended by many organisations who work with newcomers to the country, these meetings allow for representatives to discuss timely issues regarding New Scots and their needs, share concert and successes with their peers and provide a chance to share experiences and best practice.

East Glasgow Integration Network aims: 

  • Advocacy and campaigning for new Scots 

  • Collaborative working and cultivation of partnerships with organisations across the East and wider City of Glasgow, bringing important services to the Cranhill.

  • Information sharing and facilitation of learning and training for stakeholders in the east end, benefiting residents.

Currently there are over 80 members of the network representing over 50 organisations.

Previous Meetings: 

East Glasgow Integration network Meeting Summary – May 2022

If you are an organisation interested in joining the East Glasgow Integration Network, or for more information please contact David at

Community Meal 


The Community meal is a meal with your neighbours, and provides a friendly and welcoming environment for members of the local community (and further afield) to enjoy an evening meal together each month. By bringing people together in this way we aim to create a warm and welcome multi cultural experience for all, that combats social isolation and strengthens community.

Each community meal is freshly prepared using healthy ingredients, and we hope attendees will enjoy trying new foods and be inspired to cook new dishes at home.

Previous themes have allowed guests to explore and enjoy new foods, such as the best of Persian, Italian, Polish and Scottish food. In the past we have also enjoyed film screenings and local community project showcases. 

The community meal is a free event for all and takes place on the last Wednesday of each month. For times, please check the programme of events

Keep Safe at CDT

Keep Safe is an award-winning initiative that started in Renfrewshire in response to feedback from the disabled community that there were times they did not feel safe when travelling independently.

The initiative is a partnership between I Am Me Scotland and Police Scotland and has evolve to become a national network with over 800 Keep Safe places throughout Scotland, one which Cranhill Development Trust is proud to be a part of.

The initiative is available for anyone to use if they feel lost, scared, vulnerable or simply need some breathing space. 

To see the full network of Keep Safe Places you can download the app below:

Keep Safe Scotland App – iPhone

Keep Safe Scotland App – Android