At Cranhill Development Trust we ensure people are at the centre of our service design. As part of the Trust’s Health and Wellbeing programme, we run a series of Connecting activities and events throughout the year.

We feel passionate about the importance of connecting with others to maintain good mental health and to remain healthy. Our activities and events are designed to encourage participation and foster strong social connections. 

We hope everyone who engage with our activities feel positive benefits in terms of their physical, mental and social wellbeing. 

At the trust, we provide a welcoming and safe space for our community to come together and try new activities or socialise during a communal meal. 

Social Hour: Friday 11am – 12pm  

Every Friday morning our young at heart group meet for a knit and a natter before the lunch club. Projects include knitting clothes for premature babies, blankets, items for special events and more.  

We also work together with various materials to create arts and crafts projects. No arty skills are needed, just a willingness to have a go. A cup of tea, a blether and good company is included! 

Recent projects have included knitting stuffed love hearts for the local care home for residents and their loved ones during covid-19.  

We welcome new knitters and old hands as plenty of support is offered.  

The Young at Heart Lunch Club: Friday 12.00pm- 2.00pm  

The young at heart lunch club is a great weekly get together for people aged 50+. It provides a welcoming and safe place to socialise and play a game of bingo.  

A hearty and healthy three-course lunch is offered for free – please call us to reserve a place on 0141 774 3344 

Activities Workshops: Monday 11am – 2pm

We will provide new activities every week, such as fitness, arts and crafts, and even carpet bowls. This is a free weekly workshop. Everyone is welcome and we hope to see you there. 


Multiple times a year the Trust hosts one day activities and events for our service users, and facilitates day trips and external events.

In June 2022 the Young at Heart Club attended a Hawaiian themed  Daytime Disco. This gave all 23 attendees the opportunity to dress up, hula dance and enjoy socialising together in a different setting. 

Events such as the daytime disco are designed to encourage participation and foster strong social connections. We aim to provide new and inclusive experiences, and with smiles and laughter throughout the day we hope everyone felt the positive social, mental and physical benefits of the Hawaiian Disco.

Daytime Disco
Hula Dancing